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The European Union and the Russian Federation Relations – from the Ukrainian Crisis until the Beginning of the War



The economic and political relations between the Russian Federation and the EU from the Ukrainian crisis (2013) until the beginning of the war (end of February 2022) can be defined by the term “cold peace”. Its semantic meaning presents the gradual erosion of bilateral trade and economic relations and their intensified destruction as a result of a number of sanctions and restrictive measures. The aim of this analysis is to trace the development of the relations between the EU and Russia in the post-crisis period until the war and their positioning in the “black-and-white colour spectrum” between the “strategic partnership” and “cold peace”. Undoubtedly, after the beginning of the war in the end of February 2022, the situation changed dramatically, as well as the relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation.

JEL: F51, F53


European Union, Russian Federation, Ukrainian crisis, Member States, sanctions, war
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