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The Journal accepts only manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere and are not submitted elsewhere for publication. By submitting the manuscript the author/s guarantee that the work has not been published elsewhere.

UNWE holds the copyright to all published articles. The authors agree not to publish their article (or part of it) elsewhere without the consent of the copyright holder. The authors are free to provide a link to the online publication of their article in their personal and institutional profiles on their institutions websites and other academic networks.


At the submission, the manuscript must come with a Declaration of Authenticity and Authorship by the author/s.


In case of co-authorship, the co-author who submits the manuscript and the Declaration of Authenticity and Authorship becomes the Corresponding Author in regards to that submission and the BJIEP Editorial Board directs all the correspondence henceforth to him/her.


The Journal accepts only manuscripts in English language. Тhe authors are responsible for the proof-reading and language editing of their manuscripts before submitting them.


The authors submit their manuscripts in an electronic format (.doc or .docx file) at bjiep@unwe.bg. The manuscripts ahould be formatted according to the following manuscript submission template. Manuscripts which do not conform to the template are returned to their authors for revision.


The authenticity of manuscripts, accepted for reviewing, is checked with PlagScan, a specialized software for coincidences with already published texts. In accordance with UNWE Academic Ethics Policy, the BJIEP Editorial Board do not except for publication texts that have over 20% coincidences with already published texts.


The submitted manuscripts are subjected to double-blind anonymous peer review (see BJIEP Review Policy). The authors are higly advised to get acquainted with the peer review form and check the criteria  upon which the reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscripts. Upon the receiving of the reviews, the BJIEP Editorial Board decides whether a manuscript is to be published or returned for revision and then published or rejected. The authors are informed about the acceptance of their paper for publication or rejection of their paper and receive the reviews. In case a manuscript is accepted for publications with the recommendation for editing, the author is asked to revise the text accordingly.


All manuscripts that are accepted for publication undergo scientific and English-language editing and are published after the approval of the author of the final content and format of the text.


With the acceptance of a manuscript for publishing the copyright on the text is transferred to the Journal. The article or parts of it may not be published in other editions without the written consent of the BJIEP Editorial Board. The authors are free to publish the link to their article in the Journal in electronic academic networks (such as Academia.edu, ResearchGate and other similar).

The authors are not required to pay any fee for the acceptance, review process and publication of their manuscripts.

Authors are not entitle to free printed copies of the journal issue where their manuscript was published. Authors can order printed copies at the site of the UNWE Publishing Complex (prices are calculated by the Publishing complex).